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the bone way final cover.jpg

cover art by @ragenruin

Teagan’s wife, Cressidae, is missing. She has left for the Shadow Realm, a kingdom of the dead filled with untold nightmares—and the only place that can save Teagan from a lethal poison that’s killing her slowly. It is ruled by a princess said to make powerful deals with those brave enough to find her, and Cressidae has gone to bargain for Teagan’s life. Cressidae has forgotten one very important thing: no one makes it out on their own.

Despite the risks to her own safety, Teagan is determined to save her wife—and perhaps even herself in the process. The princess of the Shadow Realm, however, doesn’t let mortals roam her territories without opposition. In this thrilling tale inspired by the myth of Orpheus and Eurydice, Teagan and Cressidae must face both the horrors of the Shadow Realm as well as their own past.


- death of parent (in the past)
- terminal (fantasy) illness
- mention of (fantasy) incarceration
- harm to (fantasy) animals

THE BONE WAY is now out in paperback and ebook!! :)


Nyx Publishing: ebook and paperback

Schuler's Books and Music (my local indie, currently looking into offering signed copies!): paperback

IndieBound: paperback

Amazon US: paperback and ebook

Amazon UK: paperback and ebook

Barnes and Noble: paperback and ebook

The Book Depository: paperback

Kobo: ebook

You can also add it on Goodreads!! 

skelly commission.jpg

skelly commission for THE BONE WAY. artist: @AlexisAHunter

a little teaser from the book:

the bone way graphic

alt text: What lay under her boots was a stone path that stretched into the distance as far as her eyes could see, but that wasn’t what shocked her. There were bones everywhere. On either side of the path, broken fingers reached forward as if to grab her. Skulls grinned lopsidedly at her; whole skeletons lay curled or sprawled out as if the people had simply stepped off the Bone Way and laid themselves to rest.

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