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My favorite reads of October

Before every spooky season, I always think I want to read only scary stuff. Thrillers, horror tales, dark and monstrous shit. Instead I end up watching a few old favorite movies/shows (Hocus Pocus, Practical Magic, The Haunting of Hill House, which I only watched 4 episodes of omg) and maybe one book that would count as scary. My ~scary~ books this month were the Monstress graphic novels, but they're not really scary. (But I LOVE them so much!! My favorite graphic novel series). I also did read a paranormal MG by one of my go-to authors (Tunnel of Bones), but that was it. I make the lists anyway, add almost all the same titles from the previous year's list. And my plan really is to get into the spooky season!!! But maybe it's just not for me because it never happens. LOL. In any case, I just end up reading what I'm in the mood for at the time, which was contemporary, fantasy, and historical fantasy. I didn't read much, but I enjoyed everything that I got to!



Can Alix just write companion novels in this series so that I can explore more of the worlds that we glimpsed in this one? THANKS, THAT'D BE GREAT. This was absorbing and beautiful and a love letter to writers and readers and adventure and fathers and daughters. It's a book for all the people who wanted to find Narnia through the wardrobe. Also I caught that Alice in Wonderland reference, and I loved it.



I put off reading this book for SO LONG because of all the hype. I so badly wanted to love it, but sometimes I just don't love the popular books. So I let it collect invisible dust on my kindle, and until Val pushed me into reading it after I needed something to cleanse myself of a book I DNFed because it disappointed me greatly, I decided to give it a try. And omg why the fuck did I wait so long? It was amazing. And I would kill for Evelyn, my bisexual goddess with the wild ambition of a villain (and I mean that in the best way). A sharp and decadent love story between two women who loved in a time that didn't love them back. And that was one of the best last lines I've ever read in a book.


Knife-wielding girls!

Scavenge the Stars was one of my must-get-ARCs when I went to ALA Annual this past June, and I was so grateful that I was able to receive a copy. It was SO GOOD!! And the way that the author played out the beginning was super clever, and something that I didn't catch until I was already there. There wasn't a lot of action, but the characters more than made up for that. I preferred Amaya's POV, but I was still rooting for Cayo throughout the book, and there were many twists and turns to it. There's so much more I want to know after that ending, so I can't wait for the sequel. Also, it had ALL the queer rep!!!



Most of me was more interested in the Howl's Moving Castle movie, but I wouldn't let myself watch it until I read the book, even though I'd heard from many people that it was even better. And it's quite a bit outdated and not a whole lot actually happens until like the last 30 pages. But it's still really enjoyable! Howl is the most melodramatic character I've ever read about. A MOOD, honestly. I won't be reading the sequels, because I don't really care to. But I'm absolutely going to watch the movie now, and I'm excited!


So yeah, those were my favorite books of October! This month is definitely going to be a lot less considering that it's NaNoWriMo time and I'm desperately trying to get this book finished before 2019 ends. But I'm hoping to get to some highly anticipated titles: Ninth House, Dark and Deepest Red, The Guinevere Deception, and Crier's War. And of course, The Queen of Nothing! Once I reread the first two books, I'm going to be READY to be devoured.

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