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My favorite reads of November

I only read 10 books in November (and 3 of them were short stories/novellas), so it wasn't a big month for me. But I read some GOOD stuff. I also read (or tried to read) everything I wanted to when I last posted one of these! I don't usually do well with TBR lists anymore, so that was a win. And these were my favorites!

A rec for those of you who get to buy kids books for the kids in your life (so jealous of y'all): Mindy Kim and the Yummy Seaweed Business was super freaking cute, and it made me cry. The first two books in this new chapter series come out in January and I highly recommend it! I want to get them for myself.


Whenever I get my hands on a new Anna-Marie McLemore story, I drop everything to read it. I love their writing, it's so gorgeous that I end up stopping every like ten pages to copy a quote down. Dark and Deepest Red was a fairytale, a sometimes bloody story of hatred and persecution, but with a gentle heart. It's about family, culture, love, and queerness. Both in a time that couldn't accept it and a modern time that was different, less constricting. But the people carved out spaces for themselves and their loved ones, and they fought for a home that would welcome them all.

As young as he is, he knows how to fold away the things the world would punish him for.
I would find a way to make sure we never had to destroy something of ourselves just to stop other people from taking it.
“There is nothing I want more than I want you.” “Then stop thinking of what it will cost me.”

This took time to get into the story, but once I was hooked, I was HOOKED. This was such a solid, complicated read. And the fantastical elements were just that: fantastic. I can't wait to learn more about these secret, ancient societies and the lengths they'll go to to get what they want. Also Darlington is my new fave book boy. *heart eyes*

“I’m pretty sure when my mother was talking about the devil, she had you in mind.”

The Bone Houses was SO good, omg. I loved the themes of grief and death and very difficult question of how far you'd be willing to go to get your loved ones back. It was compulsively readable and utterly fascinating, and I ADORED the two main characters. Their banter was *chef's kiss* and I even enjoyed the bone goat.


OF COURSE I had to read QoN this month!! I had to dodge so many tweets and Goodreads updates about it, but I managed to miss any spoilers while I reread the first two books and finally got to this one. And I'm a little sad, because it was underwhelming for me. I pretty much gathered what would happen in TWK, and this went by so, so fast. But oh gods, I love my villain girls, especially Jude and Taryn (didn't hate her, but I never knew what to think of her, and now she's one of my faves). And I fucking love cruel Cardan who smiles when he's anxious and doesn't always say the right thing. I love how it tied into her other series and how just completely fascinating this world and its characters are. AND THE LETTERS OMG. So glad I got the B&N edition!


So yeah, a good month for reading! But I'm definitely hoping to get to a lot more books before 2019 finally ends (I'm not okay with another year ending), especially all the novellas currently on my kindle. I'm also hoping to get to The Last True Poets of the Sea, Like a Love Story, A River of Royal Blood, and Tell the Truth, Shame the Devil. And we shall see where my mood takes me!

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