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my favorite reads of May

I am once again behind with these book posts, but I just completely forgot about it with everything going on. And before I get into the books, I wanted to share this incredibly helpful link to all the ways you can help the Black Lives Matter movement and the protests. And then specifically, this Google doc for white people with anti-racist resources ranging from articles to podcasts to movies to books. I also highly recommend watching the When They See Us series on Netflix and get even angrier with the justice system. It's difficult to experience and I sobbed my way through it, but it's so important. It is on us to educate ourselves and to do better. To be better.

For myself, I'm going to be even more actively conscious about what I'm reading and esp make sure that I'm reading books by Black authors. I'm going to keep trying to talk to my family members, friends, and the people I work with about racism. I'm also going to continue educating myself on being anti-racist.

On the off times I wasn't scrolling Twitter, I was writing. I finished and revised an entire novella (23k words!) that I submitted on the 31st. In-between all of that, I also read a lot. And here are the stories I absolutely LOVED from May!


I hadn't been this sucked into a YA book in a very long time. I enjoyed the hell out of this and adored the characters. I was mixed on the sequel/finale because of iffy ending things, but overall really liked this duology!


Sweet and soft and perfect, aside from the forced coming-out scene. I LOVED IT!!


This one made me tear up! I was not expecting to get so emotional over it. But I loved Moon and Christine and could completely relate to their feelings of not being cool or good enough for others. <3


I am so, so into stories about family curses, especially ones that also feel like fairytales. I wasn't a fan of everything that happened (re: all the drama & secrets that are revealed), but this was SO good. And I was hooked from the beginning, was so desperate to see if Deena could break the curse. Plus it was queer and the friendships were lovely.


And because I can't help myself, this is a small TBR of books that I hope to read this month: Full Disclosure, The King of Crows, A River of Royal Blood, The Southern Book Club's Guide to Slaying Vampires, The Flatshare, and Cemetery Boys. It always changes based on mood so we shall see, but I hope to get to at least a few of them!

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