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my favorite reads of March

March was another slow month for me, because, well *gestures at world* It's hard, not only to create, but to find joy in anything. Yet Animal Crossing came out, I've watched so many TV shows, and I'm super close to finishing my 3rd book. It feels better, now, being in April. Which sucks because March has always been one of my favorite months with it being my birthday, but we couldn't celebrate it like I'd hoped. But someday! Someday when it doesn't seem so hopeless and life can go back to normal. In the meantime, I've got books to help with that. :D


This series is SO fucking good omg. The first and third installments have been my favortie so far, and I just love all of these characters so much. Sam and Evie!!! my heart. Theta and Memphis! Ling and Henry's beautiful friendship. I'm so utterly satisfied with how they've grown and how they care for each other makes me melt in a puddle of goo. I'm so terrified for the finale, though. DON'T HURT THE REST OF MY BABIES, LIBBA!!

“We are made by what we are asked to bear."
“I’ve spent the last two hours worried that you were bleeding to death in a ditch. Now that I know you’re okay, I just want you to be bleeding to death in a ditch.”
Before the Devil breaks you, first he will make you love him.

Mindy McGinnis is the queen of the grotesque and dark, LOL. She always does well at diving deep into a person's psyche. This was gory and gross and a little heartbreaking but it also showed the resiliency of human beings and what we can be capable of in the worst of times. It was a survival story that asked how far could you and would you go to survive? And this heroine was not going to let the wilderness defeat her! No matter the cost!

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