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my favorite reads of July

oh god I read SO MANY books in July! not just books, but GOOD ONES. Fantastic, amazing, thought-provoking, gorgeous. So this post is gonna be a little long, but that's okay! My series for the month was all the current volumes of Saga, which was nice bc I love graphic novels but it was not-at-all relaxing. WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT ENDING TO VOLUME NINE. I AM NOT OKAY! Grrr. I am that Hades meme from the Disney movie version of Hercules. RAGE AND THEN CHILL CALM. There better be a good explanation for this! I'M WAITING.

I'm fine, it's fine, whatever. Anyway, here are the books that didn't break my heart!


After falling so deeply in love with The Ten Thousand Doors of January, Alix had already climbed onto my auto-buy/auto-read author list, so I was DESPERATE for this one. And luckily Redhook graciously approved my request on NetGalley and I devoured it as soon as I could. It was such a timely, scorching-rage tale about women and magic, the ways and wills and words of people who've just. Had enough. It was beautiful and everything I could have wanted and then some.

She should look like a grief-struck madwoman, broken and hopeless, but instead she looks like an angel cast down from Heaven struggling back to her feet with blood on her teeth, ready to make war with God himself.

I was lucky enough to read this early, and I AM SO EXCITED IT'S OUT IN THE WORLD!!! It was funny, refreshingly relevant, and cute as fuck. The main character, Dylan, is messy and complicated but just trying her fucking best, okay?! I could relate to her SO hard; her social anxiety, her difficulty making friends, her not being able to see all her good parts bc she's too caught up in the worst ones. But now she understands herself a little bit more than she did, and she's got a wonderful group of friends willing to be there for her. They're a team, and no one can take that away from them! I can't wait for more of these characters and their relationships. The Cute Mutants are a new superhero squad that could fit in with all the rest in pop culture. :D

And I am going to shamelessly plug the buy links here because SJ is an amazing human being and deserves all the support on their first book pubbed!!


I enjoyed the hell out of this one! This had a mix of so many popular supernatural creatures of lore, which I liked, but most of all I liked that Fortuna Sworn herself isn't one of them. She's a Nightmare, and she's always ready to jump into the fray for the people she cares about. I can't wait for more!

“Do you get punched a lot? You seem like the kind of faerie who gets punched a lot.”

This series is seriously one of the most gorgeous I've ever read. The artwork is beautiful, and I loved that this tied together all the loose threads of the first two books. <3


I don't know how Rachel Lynn Solomon does it; I've loved all her books now. But this? This was my favorite so far. I preordered less than 10% into it, I was that hooked & certain I'd love it. She is SO good at characters and relationships and writing teens and ROMANCE. So, so good at romance. I adored watching this girl who kept insisting almost the entire book that surely she didn't have feelings for this boy realize that maybe she's had them all along. And that, maybe, this could be the earth-shattering type of love she's always hoped for after reading all those romance novels. Also I love that this is a love letter to Seattle, because now I want to visit so badly, more than I did already. And a love letter to romance. I'm even more excited for her debut romance next year!!


This was so fucking good omg. I started this on a whim last night and I was thoroughly hooked from the first page. It was a character-driven, pirate-like adventure on the high seas, and I loved every moment of it. And I loved this small crew, this found family, that understood the cost of caring for one another but did it anyway because how could they not? They were all mistrustful, secretive people but they had each other, and this kind of bond won't be broken. That ending killed me, and I NEED the sequel RIGHT NOW.


This month, I'm focused on reading friends' books and ones from NetGalley! Next up for sure: The Bone Shard Daughter, We Were Restless Things, and The Burning God (though I'm still not certain whether I want to reread at least TDR ahead of time since I don't remember as much of it). I also want to finish The Ship of Shadows and The King of Crows. :D

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