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my favorite reads of January

January started out GREAT, and then I started playing Stardew Valley. So I didn't read as much as I'd hoped, and I wanted to, which is more than I can say for most of last year. But well, that game is addicting as fuck and I'm only now just slowly getting back into reading because of it. LOL. Other than the Murderbot novellas, I only read a couple books that I wanted to talk more about today because they were just fantastic!

*AUS/UK cover*

Melina Marchetta CONTINUES to destroy me and my emotions. I hadn't been sure of this one, mostly because it was so different from her previous books, but one of my best friends LOVED it and she's also a huge Marchetta fan, so that helped soothe the nerves. And now I'm so mad I waited as long as I did to get to it. This book is AMAZING and sorely under-read and underrated. My heart was broken and put back together again. I sobbed many times, especially when it came to the Sarraf family! They deserved so much more than what they got, but I was also happy with the outcome. And these damn messy, stubborn kids who refused to listen to the adults and who protected each other no matter the cost? MY HEART. IT ACHES. Please stop sleeping on this one, y'all!

“That’s what your generation will be remembered for. Taking so much away and replacing it with so little of worth.”

I'd heard SO MUCH about this book + series and I was super curious about it. So when it was free-to-read on in preparation for the finale release, I had to give it a try! And omg it was so damn good. Some of the twists were easy to see coming, and others were a complete surprise and I was like holy shit???? I can't wait to finish the series! Also I super appreciate the author for making the tech, medical, and scientific aspects accessible for someone like me who doesn't understand any of it easily.


A light load for the first month of 2020, but hoping to read more before February ends.

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