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Where can I get a copy?

Hi, you can purchase it from any of these retailers. :)

Can I tag you in reviews?

The way I feel about reviews is that they aren't for me. If you want to, you can tag me in positive reviews (I don't want the criticism unless I fucked up somewhere and should know it). But my friends have already said they're willing to sort them for me and will let me know if it's something I should read. So if you do tag and I don't engage, it might be because no one's looked at the review yet!

However, do tag me in anything else! Top ten lists, most anticipated lists, fanart, etc. I LOVE seeing that kind of stuff, and if you don't tag me, I won't engage on social media (but I will save your posts to my notion folder). Not because I feel superior or because I don't want to, but my social anxiety is debilitating and makes me think it's crossing a boundary I shouldn't. So if you want me to engage, please tag!

Can I email you about blog events?

YES ABSOLUTELY. One of my favorite things was planning blog events and inviting authors to participate. Use the message form below, and I will receive your email. I will try to get back to you as soon as I can, but I'm the worst at replying, so please be patient. :)

I'm good with interviews and guests posts, and I love talking about my craft, queerness, and mental health especially!

Where can I find the content warnings for THE BONE WAY?

You can find them on the book's page here on the website! If there's something that isn't mentioned but that you feel should be listed as a CW and you feel comfortable telling me, please do message. I want to make sure readers are safe.

Is THE BONE WAY a retelling of the Orpheus and Eurydice myth?

It's not a direct retelling! I definitely pulled inspiration from the story, and I put a very subtle reference to their own journey in the Underworld in the story itself. But I didn't set out to write THE BONE WAY to engage with and retell the myth. It's not meant to be a better or different Orpheus and Eurydice. :)

How do Teagan and Cressidae identify in THE BONE WAY?

Although this is not canonically in the story because it's never discussed, I would say that Cressidae is pansexual, and Teagan is queer.

(FAQ will be added to as things come up)

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